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Greenlife Hydroponics

Greenlife Hydroponics reached out needing an e-commerce platform to digitally translate their 1,800 products. This site was built to sell their products online and sync inventory and orders with their QuickBooks Point of Sale system.

Project Info

Duration: December 2021 – June 2022

Role: Web Developer & Designer

Tools: WordPress, Woocommerce, Adobe Suite, Myworks, Quickbooks, Divi

Client: Greenlife Hydroponics



1800 Products were transferred from the Quickbooks POS to Woocommerce. Alterations such as full name and description were added to each product. 

Real time sync

Two-way sync from Quickbooks and Woocommerce. In real-time, the inventory, price, and orders update in Quickbooks and Woocomerce. 

Automated orders

When a customer places an order, the shipping label is ready to print with the correct-sized box. The tracking number is created and emailed when the shipping label is printed.


Communication with the business owner is key when building a site of this magnitude. Breaking the process into key phases benefits both the developer and the client.

It is crucial to provide the correct amount of information with the client. Providing too many options can lead to a dragged out process.

Functionality first, design follows. 

Next Steps

Full UX Case Study

Greenlife Hydroponics is very happy with the current state of the site. Applying a case study would greatly benefit the ROI. A ffull UX case study will be conducted. 

Expand functionalities for web + tablet

The app has been fully flushed out and after testing, the web and tablet breakpoints will be greatly improved.

Incorporate messaging component

The app provides the goal of feedback, and incorporating a messaging component may add to the personal experience as it is now.