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GD Research

GoDaddy’s user research on privacy and trust.

Project Info

Duration: March 2020

Role: UX Research

Tools: Internal audio software 

Employer: GoDaddy





A questionnaire was sent to various small business owners in search of improving GoDaddy’s Privacy Policy.



Sift through customer responses (hours of internal audio files provided by small business owners) and pinpoint areas of approval/ disapproval. The goal was to find the most relevant information pertaining to trust with privacy policies. 

The Outcome


Below is a presentation of the user research findings. It was initially pitched to the UX department and then to stakeholders.


If the majority of Small Business Owners are utilizing both Facebook and GoDaddy, there must be factors about Facebook that are attractive to GoDaddy users. Researching Facebook’s privacy policy may allow GoDaddy customers to feel more comfortable with our company.

When customer’s are sharing basic data with GoDaddy, the more transparency provided, the more trust the customer will gain.

Reiterating what information is being shared may benefit based on the customer’s skepticism. If the customer is reminded more than the current privacy policy in place, they will understand what it is their information is being used for; therefore not concerned about sensitive information being leaked or shared with third party sites.

Highlighting benefits during the stage of entering information will allow the customer to see what possibilities lie within sharing customer data. All business owners are looking for growth, and making this a tangible element will see through to results (sharing data.)


The answers are in the small details. Sometimes the way an answer is delivered can reveal more insights than initially thought. Repeating the audio can improve the user findings significantly.

Presenting to the UX department that you are familiar with is different than presenting to stakeholders. Be prepared to answer tough questions when conducting a meeting with stakeholders.

Next Steps


Working with the UX department on how to apply the user research to GoDaddy’s Privacy Policy.