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GD Update Tool

GoDaddy’s internal annotation tool for the design department. 

Project Info

Duration: February 2020

Role: UI Designer

Tools: Adobe Suite

Employer: GoDaddy





GoDaddy has a design team to support websites made by the department. This team fields requests from customers about updating their websites. The current formula is to annotate these updates in a Microsoft Exel document, which the web developers then review.



Replace the current system of excel documents with a more intuitive tool. This tool will provide both support agents and web developers with a more concise path to completing the customers’ requests.

The Product


The Update Tool is a web-based software that provides agents with the option to annotate with intuition. This tool also delivers web developers everything needed to complete the requests with ease.


Mid-Fidelity Prototype

User Testing

The Mid Fidelity prototype was rolled out for testing for a week. A select number of agents tested the tool and submitted their feedback. Below are the results and solutions.

Final Design

After testing and sharing these results with the developers, the final design (below) was rolled out to all agents.


This was my first UI design project working with developers. It was a learning curve working within their parameters.

Having a style guide that is applied to all branding within GoDaddy is a great resource.

Feedback. You always want your designs to be praised, and there will always be users that are not entirely pleased. I have had my designs critiqued many times in the past, but for a company to interact with that design is a different experience. 

Next Steps

Additional User Testing

Resources and time allowed for one round of user testing, additional rounds with an updated questionnaire would be next.   

Time With Developers

When the department is looking to upgrade the Update Tool, I will again sit down with the developers with new feedback and discuss what components can be added.