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Feedback Loop

This web app allows designers of all skill levels to engage with a like-minded community when and where they want; and is therefore especially useful in curating and refining projects.

Project Info

Duration: June 2022 – August 2022

Role: UI Designer 

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Suite

Client: CareerFoundry (student project)






Provide a space for designers to give and receive honest feedback. This is web app is meant for designers to critique one another with the goal being to make the work as best it can be.

Our Product


This app is meant to be a motivational tool by encouraging designers to help one another. Each designer is unique in their facet and able to point out areas of improvement in others’ work.



To better understand the users’ needs, motivations, and pain points, a User Persona was created based on the project brief.



Listed below are User Flows created from the user persona’s goals. Each User Flow has a key task at hand which helped in understanding what pages must be included in the app.


Design & Prototype

Based on the User Personas and User Flows, sketches of the main functionalities were created using pencil and paper.

Breakpoint sketches

Mid-Fidelity Prototype

A Mid-Fidelity prototype was created to better convey the form and function of the app.

Click here to view Mid-Fidelity Prototype


Visual Style Guide

A design system was created to establish the Feedback Loop brand personality by fine-tuning colors, typography, grids, elements, and icons. This step of the process is crucial in ensuring a seamless handoff to developers.

View Full Style Guide

Final Screens

Once the design system was created, it was applied to the prototype and the final screens for the application were created. Below are a few of the final screens.

Final Prototype


Research is key no matter where you are in building a product. In this project, the research was given to me, yet I found myself needing more research while building the screens. Research will always dictate where you are and where you are going. 

Social components take up a lot of real estate on screens and every user deserves a place to be heard and seen.

The way an app looks and feels is crucial in solving the problem statement.

Next Steps

Conduct user testing

With the importance of social media and communication changing as I type, testing the product on users will bring in feedback to continue forming the social element of Feedback Loop and refining the entire product. 

Expand functionalities for web + tablet

The app has been fully flushed out and after testing, the web and tablet breakpoints will be greatly improved.

Incorporate messaging component

The app provides the goal of feedback, and incorporating a messaging component may add to the personal experience as it is now.